Faculty of Air Transportation aims to graduate competent and well-trained manpower in the field of the aviation industry. In our faculty, where many disciplines come together, interdisciplinary scientific research such as engineering and management is also included. It is the academic unit where human resources trained in the field of aviation are brought to the country and scientific studies related to aviation are carried out. In line with the development of our country, it is aimed to meet the human resource needs of the country by training successful and qualified experts in the field of aviation.

Our faculty consists of academic members whose academic careers are full of success, and we have faculty members specialized in all sub-fields of the branch and a flight training staff. Our academic staff, aiming to produce publications with high quality and scientific impact, has adopted the principle of integrating these publications with experimental findings and has proven the importance it attaches to experimental studies with the projects which carried out in the past with the European Union, TÜBİTAK and SPO. Our departments, which reflect the importance of the experimental dimension in education both with the Integrated Education program and with the courses, which are almost all applied, also fulfill the conditions of the technical composition stipulated by the accreditation organizations (EASA, JAA, FAA, DGCA) accepted in Turkey and in the world. It allows them to easily continue their postgraduate studies. In our faculty, students have the opportunity to focus their academic competencies on a certain area by taking elective courses when they reach their final year.

There is a Flight Training Department within our faculty and the country's need for qualified pilots is met by that department. Thanks to our campus, which includes an airport, a unique education, and training opportunity to specialize in aviation are offered by our Faculty. The aim of the Air Transport Faculty is to train well-equipped pilots and air traffic controllers, with training curricula designed according to the standards set by national and international civil aviation authorities.

In addition to educating professionals who will be pioneers in their profession, our faculty also aims to provide its graduates with academic depth and R&D culture. With our experienced academic staff, distinguished flight/theoretical knowledge teachers, modern runways, towers, and facilities, the training will be given on more than one campus, and it is aimed that our graduates will be sought after in the sector. These opportunities are designed to train pilots who can think analytically, focus on problem-solving, have managerial and leadership skills, have high goals, not only use technology but also produce, direct the aviation sector of our country, and are sought after by the world.

The mission of the Faculty of Air Transport is to train individuals who can follow and contribute to technological developments in the field of aviation and space, have intellectual depth, high scientific qualifications, and have developed environmental and social awareness. The vision of the Faculty of Air Transport is to increase the service quality in the sector to the level required by modern life in parallel with the growth rate of the aviation sector in our country, to ensure that our country is a regional and global leader in the field of aviation, and to be an institution that can turn information into products in the fields of space & satellite sciences.